Ultra Fit Leggings

Ultra Fit Leggings

  • $21.99

Like paint, is how they fit! 
You will not only feel extra sexy wearing the Ultra Fit leggings by GRO FIT but you will do so with great purpose and high functionality.


    • CONTROL LEVEL: Medium-High
    • Material: 76% Polyamid, 14% Polyester and 10% spandex
    • Length: Ankle length
    • Available Sizes: Small - Large
    • Available Colors: Black, blue, burgandy, grey and purple
    • Sizing: True-to-fit
    • Care: Delicate features, handle with care. Wash with like colors, do not bleach or wring.


    • 4-Way Stretch: Elasticity which stretches in width and height
    • Breathable: Admits air to the skin while still allowing sweat to evaporate
    • Butt-Booster: Holds and pushes up your butt without flattening any portion of it
    • Comfort Fit: Flexibility that carries you through all of your simple and complex activities
    • Contour Fit: Flexible material that hugs all of your curves
    • Flat Waistband: A uninterrupted more appealing look
    • High Waist: Cinches your waist and reduces un-wanted bulges at the midsection [for most, reaches lower rib]. Wear flat or folded.
    • Seamless: Wear under your clothing or by itself for a seamless look
    • Sweat Wicking: Choose whatever color you want and do whatever you want without visibly sweating through