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I Lost 30 lbs

With Gwen, I lost 30 lbs; wasn't it for this program, my weight would still be threatening my health. Not only does this program work but it also motivates and empowers, with excellent nutrition and fitness tips. A true nation of "I CAN."

Paul Joseph

Brooklyn, NY

Challenging Yet Fun

Gwen has gotten me back on track to reaching my fitness goals. Her class is challenging yet fun! She also provides the right amount of motivation and encouragement. Gwen is a wonderful instructor and strong team leader.

Tawayna Dobbie

Queens, NY

Consistency Works

I personally appreciate Gwen for taking the time to show me that consistency works. While in this program, I have lost weight towards my goal and I'm sure that as long as I continue to apply myself, then a healthier and longer life will be inevitable!

Callistra Thomas

Brooklyn, NY

Gwen helped me turn around the downward spiral that happened to me when I started working a desk job. I didn't notice it at first, but one morning I woke up and my shirt collars couldn't close and my suit jackets and pants couldn't button. Gwen conducted a fitness assessment and I was shocked to see how out of shape I had become. From that day, I dedicated to her program and lost over 30 pounds. It inspired me to live a more active lifestyle.

LeVar Burke

Brooklyn, NY

I look And Feel Great

I met Gwen through a weight loss/fitness challenge that was organized by a captain of the NYC Department of Corrections on Rykers Island. After the competition ended and I lost 10 pounds as a result of her regimens, I decided to continue attending her classes in Brooklyn[NY]. I look and feel great!

Maxine Cuffy

Queens, NY

The Best

Gwen's bootcamp, hands down, the best in NY.

John Hodge

Brooklyn, NY

During the 3 years that Gwen worked with the CUNY Research Foundation's, Empowering Youth to Excel and Succeed Project her dedication was simply astounding. On average students lost about 15 pounds. Her amazing results was instrumental in the naming of our program as one of the "Top success stories" for youth programs across the country.

Nigel Birch

Queens, NY

I Feel Sexier

I've worked with other trainers before and Gwen is the most motivating, inspirational trainer I've met to date. She encourages each individual to do their best. Doing her program part-time for about four months, I lost more than 20 lbs, I've tightened and toned my trouble areas, I feel sexier and I definitely Look Better Naked!

Valliene A.

Brooklyn, NY

2 Consecutive Years

Thank God for Gwen Ro. I was pregnant for two consecutive years. My boys are a year and one day apart. It took a real toll on my body. However, thanks to her program and healthy eating I am getting back to me. I lost 40 pounds so far!

Crystal Noel-Lawrence

Brooklyn, NY