Bella Sweat Pants

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A new twist on the old school sweat suits... The Bella Sweat Pants by GRO FIT features cutting-edge waist to ankle Thermal and Body Heat Retention Technology, a new-age yet functional design and an overall attractive look! 

As sweat is a reaction to heat and physical exertion, the Bella Sweat Suit coupled with your usual physical activity will help maximize sweat production, increase calorie expenditure which will in turn promote greater body fat reduction.


    • Material: Polyester and elastic
    • Length: Ankle length
    • Available Colors: Black
    • Available Sizes: Small - 2X-Large
    • Sizing: True-to-fit 
    • CARE: Hand wash or machine wash with mild detergent in cold to warm water. Hang dry.
    • NOTE: Matching Bella Sweat Shirt, available but NOT included


    • Adjustable Waist: Control waist size with velcro side closure
    • Breathable: Admits air to the skin while still allowing sweat to evaporate
    • Comfort Fit: Flexibility that carries you through all of your simple and complex activities
    • Compression: Compresses muscles and rids body of sweat and moisture quickly
    • Contour Fit: Flexible material that hugs all of your curves
    • High Waist: Cinches your waist and reduces un-wanted bulges at the midsection [for most, reaches lower rib]. Wear flat or folded.
    • Sauna Interior
    • Sweat Wicking: Choose whatever color you want and do whatever you want without visibly sweating through
    • Thermal and Body Heat Retention Technology
    • Waterproof
    • Windproof