Sauna Bodysuit

Sauna Bodysuit

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If you are looking to ramp up your sweat potential during your workout, then this is the answer. This above the knee short sleeved Sauna Bodysuit possesses a front zippered closure and chest-less design for easy on-off but most of all it possesses a thermal function which locks in body heat to create greater sweat generating capabilities.


    • CONTROL LEVEL: Medium - High
    • Material: 80% Neoprene, 20% nylon
    • Length: Short sleeve and above the knee
    • Available Color(s): Black
    • Available Sizes: Small - X-Large
    • CARE: Hand wash in cold-to-warm water with mild detergent and air/hang dry 
    • Sizing: True to size


    • 4-Way Stretch: Elasticity which stretches in width and height
    • Breathable: Admits air to the skin while still allowing sweat to evaporate
    • Butt-Booster: Holds and pushes up your butt without flattening any portion of it
    • Comfort Fit: Flexibility that carries you through all of your simple and complex activities
    • Compression: Compresses muscles and rids body of sweat and moisture quickly
    • Contour Fit: Flexible material that hugs all of your curves
    • Mesh: Mesh arm pit for added breathability
    • Sweat Wicking: Choose whatever color you want and do whatever you want without visibly sweating through