Drench Sauna Shirt

  • $34.99
  • Save $15

The Drench Sauna Shirt by GRO FIT will help you sweat more, lose unnecessary water weight and look even better in everything you wear. Covering your entire back, stomach, waist and shoulder to elbow sleeve, you will be able to don this beautiful, lightweight shirt under your clothing or by itself with just a sports bra. Some of its many other great features are its u-shape open chest for added comfort, reversibility, easy-glide front zipper which spans from upper rib to hip and thermal function which locks in body heat to create greater sweat generating capabilities.


  • CONTROL LEVEL: Medium - High
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Length: Short sleeve
  • Available Colors: Blue with orange [primary side] and all black [secondary side]
  • Available Sizes: Small - Large
  • Features: Reversible, comfort-fit u-shape open chest
  • CARE: Do not iron, wring/twist, soak or bleach. Hand wash in cold-to-warm water with mild detergent and air/hang dry.