Digital Counter Jump Rope

  • $12.99

Burn calories, shed fat, tone muscles and more with this adjustable speed jump rope. Most of all, track and take the guess work out of your workout!
  • LCD Display
  • Flexible rotator-Swivel-action head
  • Calculate calories and fat burned by entering weight
  • Anti-slip handles
  • Handle length: approximately 19cm
  • Max rope length: approximately 300cm adjustable
  • Battery operated (LR44 battery included)
  • Available in grey


  • Clock mode: Display the time
  • Timer mode: If you set exercise time, LCD display the time remained
  • Count mode: Displays amount of times jumped
  • Calorie mode: Display the calorie burned (Kcal)
  • Fat mode: Display the fat reduced (g)
  • 80%-98% accuracy on count, calorie and fat modes

*It is advised to consult a physician before starting a new exercise regimen