Men's Drench Sauna Vest

Men's Drench Sauna Vest

  • $29.99

If you are looking to ramp up your sweat potential during your workout, then this is the answer. This lightweight reversible Drench Sauna Vest for men possesses a material combination that absorbs sweat and a thermal function which locks in body heat to create greater sweat generating capabilities.


      • CONTROL LEVEL: Medium
      • Material: Neoprene
      • Length: Sleeveless
      • Available Color: Black with safety green interior
      • Available Sizes: Medium - X-Large
      • Features: Reversible, sweat wicking and thermal function
      • CARE: Do not iron, wring/twist, soak or bleach. Hand wash in cold-to-warm water with mild detergent and air/hang dry. 

    **AVAILABLE APRIL 2018**