How To Determine Your Torso Length

How To Determine Your Torso Length

How to Determine Your Torso Length For Waist Shapers, Trainers, Cinchers and Corsets

Waist shapers/trainers/cinshers/corsets, generally come in short waist (8"), medium waist (10") and long waist (12" or more) heights. In waist trainer world, when they say torso, they're referring to your waist height.


This trainer style focuses more on the waist, squeezing it inward. Due to the natural compression in the core, there is more play in the hips, and your muscles have room to expand. This style is also better suited for those that have short torsos. 

Someone with a shorter torso have longer legs, higher hip-lines and are shorter in body length. 


Designed for a little more coverage than the 8" but not as much as the 12". It is the most popular torso length and one of the most comfortable to workout in because it provides for better mobility of the body. 

Someone with a medium torso, is considered to have a more balanced body proportion as their hip-line length is half of their height. Also, someone with a medium torso can arguably wear short, medium or long torso waist trainers.


The longer length trainers offer more coverage, hence smooths more areas and wears well underneath clothing. A great life hack, is those that have, what have been termed a "fupa" should attempt to wear longer torso trainers if their body type allows for it.

Someone with a longer torso generally have a lower hip-line making the torso elongated. Those with longer torso’s generally have shorter legs in comparison to their torso.

*It's important to note that a person's height has no bearing on their torso length.


  1. Sit in a chair, be sure to sit up straight as this will affect your measurement. (this can also be done standing, but sitting is best)
  2. Using a measuring tape, place the tape, on one side, at your under-bust, extend the measuring tape down vertically to the top of your thigh/lower hip (the crease where your thigh meets your abdomen).
  3. Do this on both sides.
  4. Repeat 2-3 times per side; take an average of 3 if your measurements differ.

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