Frequently Asked Questions

Live Shopping Network (LSN)

How do I start or participate?
1. Log-in to Facebook or create a Facebook account, then log-in
2. Start commenting, based on the overlay # (check Live Shopping Like A Pro FAQ for more information)
3. Our system will automatically start a cart for you, check your Facebook Messenger
after you comment to view your cart or checkout
4. Check out within 2 hours of when your cart was started. When you check out, you will be checking out through our secure website.

Can I still participate in a Live Shopping event on Facebook (FB), if I do not have Facebook?
Unfortunately, we currently only run Live Shopping events on Facebook. We understand that some people do not have Facebook. What we recommend is creating a generic Facebook page (no personal information) so that you can participate in the Live Shopping events. Sign up for email alerts, to get notified when we do start offering non-fb access.

How do I get notified of when Gro Fit is going live again?
Like our Facebook page and join our website mailing list to get notified of lives, events, sale and more...

It's EASY, just start COMMENTING!

Using the unique product identifier/number located at the top of the Live Video (overlay), post a comment, following the below guidelines.

The unique product identifier/number can be used on any post, whether it is or is not directly related to the product or the live video that it is/was featured on.

EXAMPLE COMMENT/POST: Size or Color, If Applicable
OVERLAY SAYS "Comment: 415"

  • Sold 415 Small (less questions from Facebook Messenger)
  • 415 Small (less questions from Facebook Messenger)
  • Sold 415 (Facebook Messenger will ask you what size/color you want)
  • 415 (Facebook Messenger will ask you what size/color you want)
  • Sold 415 Small Black (even less questions from Facebook Messenger)
  • 415 Small Black (even less questions from Facebook Messenger)

EXAMPLE COMMENT/POST: Multiple Quantity, If Applicable
OVERLAY SAYS "Comment: 375"

  • Sold 375 x 2
  • 375 x 2


  • You must leave a space between the unique product identifier/number, variant (size/color) and quantity (must also add "x" in between). If you forget to add a space, just do a new post (do not edit old/first/wrong post, the system won't register it).
  • You can not add multiple unique product identifier/numbers to a post, each item must be in its own post/comment. The system will compile/add items to your cart.
  • Any size that is crossed out on the overlay, means it is out of stock. You can still post the unique product identifier/number to be waitlisted, hence notified when it becomes available.

Where can I use the unique product identifier/number?
unique product identifier/number that is shown at the top (OVERLAY) of the Live Video, can be used as a post on the actual live video, the live video after it has ended and on any other post that may or may not relate to the product, whether it is a photo, video or text post. This is applicable to the Gwen Ro page or any associated group. The number is unique to that product. Our system will send you the cart to your Facebook Messenger.

Can I edit my cart?
Yes, you can. Once your cart has been created in Facebook Messenger you can click remove from cart directly through Messenger to remove a particular item or click checkout and edit your cart (i.e. quantity).

Do I have to checkout after each post or item I add?
No, the system builds your cart. You can checkout, at the end of the live if you prefer; however, keep in mind that it is still first paid, first served, so if you see an item selling fast or requested frequently, you should consider checking out sooner.

When does my cart expire?
Items only stay in your cart for 2 hours before it expires, it then goes to the next person on the waitlist.
Although items go in the order of comments and inventory availability, It is also first paid, first served. 

I have been waitlisted, what happens now?
You will be notified via email when the item is either fully back in stock or if someone's cart expires and the item becomes available.

Why did my order get cancelled?
Sometimes there is a system delay that can result in an item getting sold out, which in turn, your order may have to be cancelled or/and you will be waitlisted if the item is a restock item.

Return & Refund Policy

Most items may be returned within 7 days of delivery. Items such as underwear, clearance and contest items are final sale and cannot be returned. Other items that cannot be returned will be explicitly stated on the product page or will be part of the sale terms. Returned items must have its original tags attached, be unworn and in brand new (salable) condition. Shipping fees are non-refundable. Once the item has been received at our warehouse and is approved, refunds will be issued instantly and the time in which you receive it, will depend on your financial institution/bank.


When will my order be shipped?
Orders are shipped in the order they are received and usually within 72 hours. An email notification will be sent to you once your order is shipped.

What shipping carrier do you use?
We use USPS, UPS or DHL.


I am trying to order an item but I don't see my size, what should I do?
If you do not see your size listed for a particular item, that means that item either is not available in that size or it is sold out. If you want to inquire about when/if it will be stocked you may email us at


To determine your size in tops & dresses, we recommend using the size indicated by your bust & waist measurements. If these measurements indicate different sizes, we recommend using the bust measurement.
To determine your size in bottoms, we recommend using the size indicated by your waist, hip & thigh measurements. If these measurements indicate different sizes, we recommend using the hip measurement.
*Measuring tape is your friend*

Chest: Measure at the fullest part of the bust (Women).
Chest: Take measurement up under the arms and around chest (Men).
Sleeves: Measure from the base of the neck, across shoulder, down arm to slightly bent elbow and up to wrist.
Measure circumference at the narrowest part.
Measure at the fullest point, standing with feet together.
Uppermost inner part of your thigh to the bottom of your ankle.


I am a rewards member, I attended an event, how can I get my FIT POINTS for attending?
If you plan to attend a GRO FIT PARTY and are a rewards member, you must either do an advance reserve or/and sign in at the door and check off the member box and include member email. All manual Fit Points are applied in 24-48 hours of notification. All manual Fit Point application inquiries must be emailed to Visit for more information about the GRO FIT Rewards Program. 

Promotional (PROMO) Codes
Promotional coupons are limit one per customer and cannot be combined with other offers. Coupons are not valid for purchase of gift certificates, gift cards or in-store services. If your coupon is not working, please double check that it has been entered correctly. Most coupons have restrictions and are available for only a limited time. If you're having a problem with a code, please send us an e-mail.

I purchased an LED Waist Bag, LED Gloves, LED Hat or a LED Vest, I pressed the power button and it does not turn on, what should I do?
For safety during shipping and to preserve battery life, a clear and red plastic tab is placed visibly between the batteries, just pull that plastic tab out and the LED product will become functional.